As a photographer I’ve learned that no matter what you do in life you should always take two shots!

If you could say one definitive thing about me, it's that I truly love my family. I have a wonderful wife, three great kids - two of which are married - and a couple of awesome grandkids!

My wife, Melanie, is a professional Fine Art Potter. You can find her most days with her hands covered in mud in her studio at the Village Potters on Lyman Street in Asheville.

In our house we have this incredibly fun black beauty, Maximus. You can check out this video of him experiencing his first ever snow! (Hover your mouse below.)

Max is now an 80lb Lab. If he is our Yin, then our Yang is a little 6lb Chihuahua lap hog named Carrie.

What am I like? On the personal side, I consider myself a Foodie. I really love the awesome food and craft beer scene here in Asheville. We entertain a lot and I love to cook and create meals for my family and friends. Music is also a huge part of my life - once upon a time I was the lead guitarist for a local blues band. And although I would consider myself a 'rocker,' I enjoy many styles of music and am even a frequent patron of our local symphony. Finally, yes, like most guys, I enjoy sports and the great outdoors. 

It is well known that I am a sentamentalist - I cry at all the Disney movies! But that's also why I love photographing weddings, families and children. (Melanie calls me a "kid magnet" because I get along with children so well.) I still believe in love for a lifetime and am saddened by all of the broken families I meet. We practice unconditional love here in our house and it is my sincere desire that every couple knows the type of love that we share and then will remain together for their entire lives.